Three Ways to Open Your Heart to Jesus in the Eucharist

First, see and hear the beauty of Jesus’ Real Presence

The beauty of God and His truth can be seen and expressed. St. Augustine reflected on God’s creation–earth, sea, sky, creatures–and wrote, “Their beauty is their confession of God” (Sermo CCXLI2).

In fact, Jesus’ Incarnation invites us to represent His image in art. We see Who we believe. And our love of God takes audible form through music.

Sacred art opens our heart to God. Elizabeth Lev described it as “art for faith’s sake” (How Catholic Art Saved the Faith, 3). Eucharistic art and music lift us to Jesus’ Real Presence, seeing Him–in faith–with spiritual eyes. Look for God’s Eucharistic beauty in the following video, hymn, and art masterpieces.

Eucharist, Source of Our Healing and Hope.

The Knights of Columbus produced this powerful, fast-paced video, placing us squarely before the Eucharist as the center of our faith, “the Source and Summit of the Christian life” (Lumen Gentium, 11). This video manages to combine film, music, and art to lift our souls to Jesus in the Eucharist. (A longer version)

Soul of My Savior

This hymn translates the beautiful, Anima Christi, a prayer traditionally prayed after receiving Communion. Jesus–in His Divinity, in His Soul and Body, and in His Blood and Water that flowed from His side–is present in His totality. And we now unite ourselves to all that He is. He penetrates our soul, where our prayer reaches Him in the greatest possible intimacy. This hymn expresses this union.

Religious art

The Incarnation means that the Eternal Word has become audible in human words, but also visible in human form. (204) … The frequent gazing on sacred images purifies the imagination in the same way as the frequent listening to the word of God.(232) (God’s Human Face, Schonborn)

The beauty of God in sacred art draws us to Him. We see Jesus’ countenance and the reality of His life as Man. But these images should be a part of your daily life.

Place art on your walls, on your tables, and on your bookcases. Turn to them to help you turn to Jesus. Why not carry a holy card showing one of the works of art below? St. Teresa of Avila wrote, “[T]ry to carry about an image or painting of this Lord that is to your liking…to speak often with Him...” (Way of Perfection, 280-281)

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